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      Engineering themes


      A total of 44 items listed.

      Structures for a sustainable society

      Jo da Silva OBE FREng talks of the need to consider the resilience of the infrastructure that sustains cities and their inhabitants.

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      The technology behind The Tempest

      Richard Gray, Sarah Ellis, Ben Lumsden and Tawny Schlieski

      Motion-capture technology that is usually used on film sets is being employed live on stage to bring elements of Shakespeare’s play to life.

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      Francis Crick Institute, London

      Hugh Ferguson, Steve Berry and Rob Patridge

      How the challenges of designing and building this world-leading centre for biomedical research and innovation were overcome

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      Ingenious awards, First UK Robotics Week, Enterprise Fellowships awarded, Celebrating women engineers, Geared up for Olympic success, Engineering season at the V&A

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      Fulton Center, NYC

      Craig Covil

      The engineer and freelance writer Hugh Ferguson talked to Craig Covil, Principal of Arup and New York Project Director, to find out the main challenges and how they were overcome.

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      Algae-powered architecture

      Jill Entwistle

      Jan Wurm, an associate director at Arup, was one of the chief designers of the energy system. He talked to Jill Entwistle about the concept, execution and results from the world’s first photobioreactor.

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      Troja Bridge

      Brian Duguid and Ladislav ?a?ek

      Mott MacDonald’s Brian Duguid, Practice Leader – Bridges, and Ladislav ?a?ek, Chief Designer for Prague’s Troja Bridge, explain the potential for this underexploited form of bridge design

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      Responses to: Education editorial, Kelpies, Autonomous vehicles editorial

      Dr Graham C Bray, Alan Hayward FREng, Professor Will Stewart FREng

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      More than a bridge, A call to action, Create the Trophy winner, Rosetta mission, Inflatable incubators, Africa prize, and Ingenia live

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      The Falkirk Kelpies

      Felicity Starr

      Felicity Starr, lead structural engineer for Atkins on The Kelpies project, worked with Andy Scott, the sculptor, on creating the 30m tall horses. She explains how the vision was turned into reality.

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      Singapore's Supertrees

      Hugh Ferguson

      Patrick Bellew RDI FREng, of environmental engineers Atelier Ten, outlines the engineering challenges and solutions generated by the Gardens by the Bay project.

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      Green facelift for concrete buildings

      Professor Doug King FREng

      Recladding energy-inefficient buildings is far less carbon-intensive than knocking down and rebuilding

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