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      Engineering themes


      A total of 60 items listed.

      Farming in the desert

      Geoff Watts

      Structures that use seawater to keep the growing environment cool are being used to farm fruit and vegetables in hot and arid conditions.

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      Structures for a sustainable society

      Jo da Silva OBE FREng talks of the need to consider the resilience of the infrastructure that sustains cities and their inhabitants.

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      Farming for future growth

      Sarah Griffiths

      Growing produce in vertical farms is helping to meet challenges related to food demand, waste, cost and space, by using innovative engineering techniques around artificial light and energy consumption.

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      Biofuels’ journey to the mainstream

      Dominic Joyeux

      Biofuels have been around for many years but have not been widely adopted. However, recent government initiatives on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging their use in transport.

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      What role for biofuels in low-carbon UK transport?

      Professor Adisa Azapagic FREng

      Biofuels have a role to play in meeting the UK’s commitments to reducing climate change.

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      Design-led innovation and sustainability

      Hugh Ferguson, Bruce Martin, Darren Barlow and David McAllister

      The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens, Greece, combines attractive architecture with innovative engineering to be as accessible and beneficial as possible.

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      Algae-powered architecture

      Jill Entwistle

      Jan Wurm, an associate director at Arup, was one of the chief designers of the energy system. He talked to Jill Entwistle about the concept, execution and results from the world’s first photobioreactor.

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      Recycling household waste

      Keith Riley and Professor William Powrie FREng

      Breakthroughs in processing have increased the proportion of recycled household waste in the past 20 years

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      Fusing glass and steel

      Graham Dodd and Felix Weber

      The Bombay Sapphire glasshouses built in Hampshire have pushed the engineering design of glass and steel structures to the limit, creating opportunities for the materials to be used more efficiently, sustainably and at less cost in the future

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      Harnessing Offshore Winds

      Dr Trevor Loveday and Professor Byron Byrne

      This article is about Ingenia examining how the industry is addressing the engineering challenge of creating cost-effective structures.

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      High risk modelling; Sustainable games; Entrepreneurs' award; Ready to respond; Wind energy report; Accessible ATMs

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