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      Engineering themes


      A total of 34 items listed.

      Silver medallists

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      Racing human-powered submarines

      Sir Robert Hill KBE FREng and Iain Anderson

      This university competition requires student teams to design, engineer and race their own submarines, which are propelled and powered entirely by humans.

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      From junk to spectacle

      Abigail Beall, Bertie Cole and Pip Rush

      The Arcadia Spider is built almost completely from scrap. Innovative engineering allows this immersive stage to move in time with music, produce flames and lasers, and play host to a number of acrobatic performers.

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      Going for gold

      Professor Tony Purnell

      The engineering that played a role in Team GB’s cycling success at the 2016 Rio Olympics was a team effort, and helped the athletes increase their speed to break a number of world records.

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      Ingenious awards, First UK Robotics Week, Enterprise Fellowships awarded, Celebrating women engineers, Geared up for Olympic success, Engineering season at the V&A

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      What makes an exciting roller coaster?

      Sarah Griffiths

      Sarah Griffiths talked to engineers, designers and enthusiasts about the elements that all roller coasters share and what makes some rides scarier than others.

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      Diversity and inclusion, Dyson award winner, Superfast broadband award, Computer creativity, Better and faster, Connecting data, and Ingenia survey results

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      Harnessing Offshore Winds

      Dr Trevor Loveday and Professor Byron Byrne

      This article is about Ingenia examining how the industry is addressing the engineering challenge of creating cost-effective structures.

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      High risk modelling; Sustainable games; Entrepreneurs' award; Ready to respond; Wind energy report; Accessible ATMs

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      Hero Lab; QEPrize nominations; London Gateway; Africa Prize for Innovation ; Chemical research rewarded; Apprentice challenge; New RNLI lifeboats

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      High-speed sailing

      Matthew Sheahan

      Racing multihulls were built for the 34th America’s Cup, that regularly reached speeds of more than 50mph

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      David Braben FREng

      An Elite Entrepreneur

      An early interest in computing led to a career designing award-winning and profitable games as well as helping co-found the Raspberry Pi Foundation
      By Michael Kenward OBE

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