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      Engineering themes

      Rail transportation/Rail infrastructure

      A total of 29 items listed.

      HOW I GOT HERE - Zoe Dobell

      After university, systems engineer Zoe Dobell joined Transport for London’s graduate training scheme and is now working on the Central Line Improvement Programme.

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      Thinking about the revolutions

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Professor Neville Jackson FREng joined Ricardo when he completed university. For more than three decades, he has helped the company to stay at the cutting-edge of engineering technologies.

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      What makes an exciting roller coaster?

      Sarah Griffiths

      Sarah Griffiths talked to engineers, designers and enthusiasts about the elements that all roller coasters share and what makes some rides scarier than others.

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      A lot more than lubrication

      Professor Ian Hutchings FREng

      Professor Ian Hutchings FREng, GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cambridge, highlights the progress and some failures of the important discipline of tribology.

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      High speed evolution

      Keith Fender

      Keith Fender, Europe Editor at Modern Railways magazine asked Martin Steuger, Siemens Eurostar Project Director, and Nigel Broughton, Siemens Eurostar Project Manager, to explain how these trains have evolved.

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      Crossrail: tunnelling on an epic scale

      Terry Morgan FREng, Andrew Wolstenholme OBE FREng, Chris Dulake

      Crossrail engineers are constructing 70m of tunnels each week with specially designed tunnel boring machines, while ensuring Underground lines and the city above remain undisturbed

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      Keeping track of energy

      Kevin Payne

      From water-powered cooling systems to regenerative braking, London Underground’s engineers aim to keep London moving comfortably and efficiently

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      Straddling the Thames

      Hugh Ferguson

      How engineers have widened and rebuilt Blackfriars railway bridge to withstand barge strikes, accommodate increased Thameslink traffic, and house London’s largest solar array

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      Restoration of the Forth Bridge

      John Andrew

      Epoxy-based paint and encapsulated scaffolding were two of the components behind the successful restoration of the Clydeside bridge

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      High Speed 1

      Mike Glover FREng

      Project managing the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the UK’s first high speed railway

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      John Armitt CBE FREng

      John Armitt tells Michael Kenward OBE of his love for the great outdoors and how it complements his life as Chief Executive of Network Rail plc.

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      Responses to ‘Safety and Performance’ and the flooding of New Orleans

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