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      Engineering themes


      A total of 70 items listed.

      Composites take off

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Bombardier won the 50th anniversary MacRobert Award for engineering innovation with its innovative composite carbon fibre wings for the Airbus A220.

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      A centre fit for future transport

      Professor David Mullins

      The National Automotive Innovation Centre at the University of Warwick has support from government and industry to address the challenges in the research and development of future vehicles.

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      Robotics and AI – driving the UK’s industrial strategy

      Professor Guang-Zhong Yang CBE FREng

      Professor Guang-Zhong Yang CBE FREng sets out how investment in robotics and AI could improve innovation in the UK and secure our place as a world leader in the technologies.

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      How virtual reality is changing engineering

      Professor Anthony Steed

      A number of engineering firms are using virtual reality and immersive technologies to transform how they work.

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      Manufacturing power stations

      Harry Edwards, Adam Locke and Andrew Jackson

      Small modular reactors that have components manufactured in factories and constructed onsite could offer a quicker and cheaper alternative to generating nuclear power

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      Certainty and Coopearation are Key

      In his September editorial, Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng highlighted the need for solutions to the numerous key issues in defining the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

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      Against the tide

      Geoff Watts and Daniel Sharp

      The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s new Shannon-class lifeboat has been designed and manufactured to be faster, safer and more manouverable than existing vessels

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      Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, Engineering award winners, Living without electricity report, The UK STEM education landscape, Bridge building in Rwanda, UK student wins international engineering prize, British rocket propels Juno to Jupiter

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      A lot more than lubrication

      Professor Ian Hutchings FREng

      Professor Ian Hutchings FREng, GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cambridge, highlights the progress and some failures of the important discipline of tribology.

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