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      Engineering themes


      A total of 17 items listed.

      Manufacturing power stations

      Harry Edwards, Adam Locke and Andrew Jackson

      Small modular reactors that have components manufactured in factories and constructed onsite could offer a quicker and cheaper alternative to generating nuclear power

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      Time to re-evaluate nuclear risks?, Responses to: SMR letter and Synthetic diamonds

      Professor Gregg Butler, Grace McGlynn, John Campbell OBE FREng, Professor Jason Smith, and Alan Kemp.

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      Health risks from nuclear accidents - fact or fiction?

      Professor Gerry Thomas

      Professor Gerry Thomas, Professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London, thinks that the perceived health risks of exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants accidents are vastly overestimated.

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      Small but powerful

      Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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      Small Modular Reactors

      Professor Richard Clegg and Professor Mamdouh El-Shanawany

      A new generation of small, factory-built nuclear reactors can provide sources of power for areas which lack a supporting energy infrastructure

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      Fusion turns to Engineering

      Chris Warrick

      The search for fusion energy has led to advances in remote handling, materials science, and plasma isolation chambers

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      Lessons from Windscale's Nuclear Legacy

      Peter Mann

      Decommissioning work undertaken on the Windscale Piles and the Windscale Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor will provide important information for future nuclear installations

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      Rolls-Royce Science Prize; Technician Council; Offshore Wind report; Battle of Ideas; Nuclear Lessons Learned report

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      Nuclear Decommissioning 44 in the UK

      Laurence Williams FREng

      The former Chief Engineer of the UK’s decommissioning authority outlines the challenges facing the UK’snuclear clean-up

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      Perception and Reality

      Dr Scott Steedman FREng

      Scott Steedman says that engineers should take more of an active role in building trust in the nuclear debate

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      Dr Sue Ion OBE FREng

      The Director of Technology at BNFL tells Michael Kenward OBE of her belief in nuclear energy,and her passion for helping the public to engage with it in the future.

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