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      Engineering themes


      A total of 71 items listed.

      The automation of dairy farms

      Geoff Watts and John Baines

      Robotiic milking is not a new innovation but the systems are increasingly being adopted by UK dairy farms and are now being engineered to do more than just milk cows.

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      Communicating with outer space

      Richard Gray and Nick James

      BAE Systems Intermediate Frequency Modem System enabled signals from the Rosetta spacecraft to be decoded on Earth, accurately tracking the distance and speed of the craft.

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      Against the tide

      Geoff Watts and Daniel Sharp

      The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s new Shannon-class lifeboat has been designed and manufactured to be faster, safer and more manouverable than existing vessels

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      Assuring safety and security in RAS, The future of energy storage

      Martyn Thomas CBE FREng and Dr Jill Cainey

      Professor David Lane CBE FREng rightly emphasises the need to build public trust in these systems (‘Robotics and autonomous systems – affecting everything that moves’, Ingenia 67).

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      Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, Engineering award winners, Living without electricity report, The UK STEM education landscape, Bridge building in Rwanda, UK student wins international engineering prize, British rocket propels Juno to Jupiter

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      Building Britain's biggest warships

      Richard Gray and Martin Douglass

      Construction of two new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, the largest ever in Britain, is the most ambitious shipbuilding project attempted in the UK

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      Robotics and autonomous systems - affecting everything that moves

      Professor David Lane CBE FREng

      A revolution in smart machines will affect all sectors of the UK economy and our personal lives. The UK has made a promising start but Professor David Lane CBE FREng argues there is more to do

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      New Shetland Gas Plant, Materials Award, Factory 2050

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      Autonomous systems

      John Pullin

      John Pullin, a freelance technology writer, summarises the issues presented at the event and other work in this area.

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      Bringing electronic controls to hydraulics

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Michael Kenward OBE talked to Dr Niall Caldwell, Managing Director of Artemis, about the company’s engineering progress and its business success.

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      Precision farming

      Professor Richard Godwin FREng

      Professor Richard Godwin FREng explains how these initiatives can combine accuracy and control of field operations with an ability to sense the state of crops, leading to increased efficiency and yields.

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      Kidney dialysis

      Professor Clive Buckberry FREng

      Chief Technology Officer at Quanta Fluid Solutions outlines the steps to design and develop a new system that is lighter, smaller and easier to use than existing machines

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