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      Engineering themes


      A total of 55 items listed.

      MacRobert award 2017

      Supported by the worshipful company of Engineers

      The 2017 finalists are Darktrace, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Vision RT.

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      What makes an exciting roller coaster?

      Sarah Griffiths

      Sarah Griffiths talked to engineers, designers and enthusiasts about the elements that all roller coasters share and what makes some rides scarier than others.

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      Time to re-evaluate nuclear risks?, Responses to: SMR letter and Synthetic diamonds

      Professor Gregg Butler, Grace McGlynn, John Campbell OBE FREng, Professor Jason Smith, and Alan Kemp.

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      Health risks from nuclear accidents - fact or fiction?

      Professor Gerry Thomas

      Professor Gerry Thomas, Professor of Molecular Pathology at Imperial College London, thinks that the perceived health risks of exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants accidents are vastly overestimated.

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      EU clarifies the European parameters of data protection

      Professor Burkhard Schafer

      The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, due for adoption this year, is intended to harmonise data protection laws across the EU

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      Judith Hackitt CBE FREng

      Culture of Safety

      Safety has been a constant theme in a career that has taken Judith Hackitt from running large processing plants to chairing the UK’s Health and Safety Executive.
      by Michael Kenward OBE

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      High risk modelling; Sustainable games; Entrepreneurs' award; Ready to respond; Wind energy report; Accessible ATMs

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      Decommissioning North Sea giants

      Brian Nixon

      A look at the strategies and some of the technologies being used to dismantle North Sea oil and gas infrastructure

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      Shale gas and public acceptability

      Professor Nick Pidgeon

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      Response to: Catastrophe risk engineering
      Response to: Paralympic technology

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      Catastrophe risk engineering

      Dr Gordon Woo

      Leading risk expert from the Blackett Review panel explains some of the best ways to identify, asses and manage high impact low probability risk

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      Restoration of the Forth Bridge

      John Andrew

      Epoxy-based paint and encapsulated scaffolding were two of the components behind the successful restoration of the Clydeside bridge

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