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      Engineering themes


      A total of 89 items listed.

      The right climate for efficient semiconductors

      Richard Stevenson

      Electrical circuits waste energy when changing voltage and switching between currents, but a new generation of semiconductor materials is helping to reduce these losses and cut the carbon footprint of many devices.

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      A new contender for energy storage

      Dominic Joyeux

      The world’s first liquid air energy storage system is pioneering a new way to store power, acting as a giant rechargeable battery to absorb excess energy and release it when needed.

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      Biofuels’ journey to the mainstream

      Dominic Joyeux

      Biofuels have been around for many years but have not been widely adopted. However, recent government initiatives on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging their use in transport.

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      What role for biofuels in low-carbon UK transport?

      Professor Adisa Azapagic FREng

      Biofuels have a role to play in meeting the UK’s commitments to reducing climate change.

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      Future-proofing the next generation of wind turbine blades

      Kirsten Dyer and Peter Greaves

      Before deploying new equipment in an offshore environment, testing is absolutely vital. Replicating the harsh conditions within the confines of a test hall requires access to specialist, purpose-built facilities.

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      Energy with connections

      Steve Holliday FREng

      When Steve Holliday FREng moved from the oil industry into energy distribution, the sector was seen as staid.

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      Assuring safety and security in RAS, The future of energy storage

      Martyn Thomas CBE FREng and Dr Jill Cainey

      Professor David Lane CBE FREng rightly emphasises the need to build public trust in these systems (‘Robotics and autonomous systems – affecting everything that moves’, Ingenia 67).

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      Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, Engineering award winners, Living without electricity report, The UK STEM education landscape, Bridge building in Rwanda, UK student wins international engineering prize, British rocket propels Juno to Jupiter

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      What's in store for energy

      Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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