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      Engineering themes


      A total of 108 items listed.

      Hollowing out a future in fibre optics

      Dr Matthew Partridge

      A new generation of fibre optic cables with a hollow core are being developed, which will be able to transmit data over longer distances faster and more efficiently.

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      The right climate for efficient semiconductors

      Richard Stevenson

      Electrical circuits waste energy when changing voltage and switching between currents, but a new generation of semiconductor materials is helping to reduce these losses and cut the carbon footprint of many devices.

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      Chips that changed the classroom

      Michael Kenward OBE, Dr Eben Upton CBE and Dr Andrew Herbert OBE FREng

      The Raspberry Pi has won the MacRobert Award 2017 for its innovative pocket-sized computer, which has changed how people are learning about coding.

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      Natural born code writer

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Suranga Chandratillake FREng was instrumental in the setting up of Blinkx, a successful software startup. He is now sharing his expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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      Q & A - Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan

      Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan is Co-founder and CEO of PervasID. His company provides radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers for low-cost, long-distance sensing of passive RFID tags, for use in tracking in retail, security and healthcare.

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      MacRobert award 2017

      Supported by the worshipful company of Engineers

      The 2017 finalists are Darktrace, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Vision RT.

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      Solving a historical mystery

      Sarah Griffiths and Professor Sarah Hainsworth FREng

      The discovery of Richard III’s remains underneath a Leicester car park made headlines around the world. Forensic engineering science helped researchers find out how he died.

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      The technology behind The Tempest

      Richard Gray, Sarah Ellis, Ben Lumsden and Tawny Schlieski

      Motion-capture technology that is usually used on film sets is being employed live on stage to bring elements of Shakespeare’s play to life.

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      How virtual reality is changing engineering

      Professor Anthony Steed

      A number of engineering firms are using virtual reality and immersive technologies to transform how they work.

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      Communicating with outer space

      Richard Gray and Nick James

      BAE Systems Intermediate Frequency Modem System enabled signals from the Rosetta spacecraft to be decoded on Earth, accurately tracking the distance and speed of the craft.

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      Taking engineering to industry

      Michael Kenward OBE

      As CEO of Rolls-Royce, Warren East CBE FREng is forging links with academia with a keenness to turn engineering research into profitable products

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