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      Engineering themes

      Chemical, Oil and Gas

      A total of 45 items listed.

      Biofuels’ journey to the mainstream

      Dominic Joyeux

      Biofuels have been around for many years but have not been widely adopted. However, recent government initiatives on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are encouraging their use in transport.

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      In deep water: the UK's first subsea-to-shore gas plant

      Nicholas Newman and David Hainsworth

      The development and building of the Shetland Gas Plant was the UK’s largest construction project since the London 2012 Olympics

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      Energy with connections

      Steve Holliday FREng

      When Steve Holliday FREng moved from the oil industry into energy distribution, the sector was seen as staid.

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      Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, Engineering award winners, Living without electricity report, The UK STEM education landscape, Bridge building in Rwanda, UK student wins international engineering prize, British rocket propels Juno to Jupiter

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      New Shetland Gas Plant, Materials Award, Factory 2050

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      Diamond technology: beyond hardness

      Professor Mark Newton

      The UK is home to synthetic diamond research and production activities that take advantage of the material’s several extreme properties, in addition to its hardness

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      Raman scanner wins MacRobert award

      Cobalt Light Systems, the company that developed this breakthrough, has applied the technique to airport scanners that search for banned substances in liquids.

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      Accessing the UK's subsea assets

      Allen Leatt FREng

      Allen Leatt FREng, Senior Vice President Engineering at Subsea 7, explains how new production technologies and underwater installation and maintenance techniques are reversing the decline in production.

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      High risk modelling; Sustainable games; Entrepreneurs' award; Ready to respond; Wind energy report; Accessible ATMs

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      Hero Lab; QEPrize nominations; London Gateway; Africa Prize for Innovation ; Chemical research rewarded; Apprentice challenge; New RNLI lifeboats

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      Decommissioning North Sea giants

      Brian Nixon

      A look at the strategies and some of the technologies being used to dismantle North Sea oil and gas infrastructure

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      Global Grand Challenges Summit; Smart buildings report; Mini Maker Faire; SET for Britain winner; Great British innovations

      In Brief: short articles and engineering news

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