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      Ingenia - Issue 81, December 2019


      This is Spectacular

      Scott Steedman CBE FREng

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      In brief

      In brief

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      New tech creates 999 opportunities

      Dr Nigel P Brown

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      A spectrum of generations games

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Stephen Temple FREng has worked as an engineer within government to help shape modern communications.

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      HOW I GOT HERE - Mamta Singhal

      Mamta Singhal’s engineering career has included improving wrapping for chocolate bars and ensuring games are safe. She currently works on Coca Cola’s supply chain.

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      Cladding Crossrail's tunnels

      Tamar Collins

      Fitting cladding to Crossrail’s new tunnels required a new engineering approach due to uneven concrete linings.

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      Finding life on Mars

      Tereza Pultarova

      The European ExoMars rover is setting off to look for life on Mars next year. Nine innovative technologies on board the rover will enable new discoveries on the planet.

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      Completing the Sagrada Família

      Hugh Ferguson

      Almost 140 years after it was first begun, Gaudí’s La Sagrada Família is almost complete. Modern construction techniques will complete the building in time for the centenary of Gaudí’s death in 2026.

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      Lasers to change the world

      Michael Kenward OBE

      Lasers have uses ranging from physics research to atomic clocks, but the engineering behind the lasers has its own challenges.

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      Keeping transplant livers alive

      Geoff Watts

      The OrganOx metra can keep a human donor liver functioning for up to 24 hours outside the body, creating extra time for transplantation.

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      INNOVATION WATCH - An immune system for computers

      Darktrace’s software detects and defends against cyber threats from within computer networks.

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      HOW DOES THAT WORK - Global positioning system

      GPS applications range from aviation safety to enabling personal navigation systems.

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      Editorial Board

        Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
        Managing Editor
      (maternity leave)
      Gemma Hummerston
        Interim Publications Manager Portia Sale
        Editorial Consultant Dominic Joyeux
        Editorial Board Professor Andrew Bell FREng
      Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
      Ginny Clarke CBE FREng
      Professor David Delpy FREng FMedSci FRS
      Michael Kenward OBE
      John Loughhead CB OBE FREng
      Dr Paul Miller FREng
      Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
      Professor William Stewart FREng
      Professor Liz Tanner OBE FREng FRSE
      Faith Wainwright MBE FREng
      Professor William Webb FREng
        Associate Director, Communications and Partnerships Jo Trigg


      The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisation for Ingenia:



      arup81Arup is a global firm of designers, engineers and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to our clients around the world. Sustainability underpins our work and the firm is the creative force behind many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable buildings, transport and civil engineering projects. Established in 1946, Arup has over 12,800 employees based in 89 offices, working across 146 countries on 14,000 projects in any given year. Arup is a wholly independent firm owned in trust on behalf of our staff. With no external shareholders, this independence enables us to shape our own direction with no outside pressure or influence.



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